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Meat Without Compromise

Healthy. Climate friendly. Cruelty free. 

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Our mission

Evolved grows healthy, delicious meat directly from animal cells. No environmental damage is caused. No animals are harmed. 

Evolved is creating the sustainable food company that people deserve. By starting with only a few cells, we grow whole cuts of real meat from any animal. Our process uses 99% less land and 96% less water than current meat production. We also generate 96% fewer greenhouse gases and harm 100% fewer animals.   

Our team is passionate about this problem, and we are backed by some of the best groups in the world, including Maple Leaf Foods, Big Idea Ventures, Garage Capital, Saltagen Ventures, Velocity, and individual changemakers. If you are driven to create a new food system, then contact Alireza or John.   

Ready to impact the future of food and health?

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